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Profits from all the CDs and tapes will be donated to charitable organizations to provide environmental education and protect endangered species. Though a lesser amount will be donated when purchasing these items at other websites, you can also order the CDs at CDBABY.COM and AMAZON.COM

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Clicking on I-Tunes will open that program and take you to the Apple online music store, directly to Animal Party! Each song there, except the last, contains part of the story immediately following the song. If you would like to download the I-Tunes program, click HERE.

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Animal Party Order Form
Animal Party CD coverAnimal Party CD

A musical adventure story with Triple E and his animal buddies as they journey around the world. Sing along as you ride a whale, swing through the jungle, stampede across Africa, slide down some icebergs and more!
What better way to learn about the changes taking place in our world environments and how it affects us all.
Animal Party SE coverAnimal Party CD Special Edition

A custom made CD with just the songs from the CD without the story running between them.
Animal Party Cassette Tape

Chorded Lyrics *

Simple lettered notation of the chords to the music to all songs with the lyrics so you can play along on guitar or piano.

Lyrics only *

A clear way to teach the parts for each song that shows what characters sing what parts. It includes lyrics to all the songs.
Full-length Script *

All the words for the CD story so you can perform it as a play or musical! About an hour in length with parts for 15 characters plus any size animal chorus. It also includes Director's notes and ideas for making scenery and staging the production. It does not include the chorded lyrics, but does include the lyrics within the script.
Additional Full-length scripts ( when ordering more than one )
Condensed Script and additional scripts ( price for each ) *
A shorter version of the story with 8 characters, about 25 minutes long.
Additional condensed scripts ( when ordering more than one )
Music only and Sound Effects CD

To provide music for the cast to sing over, karaoke-style as well as music for scene changes and sound effects for environmental atmosphere.
Special Play Pack - Full Script

Everything you would need to put on your play or musical of Animal Party at a reduced, package price. It includes one Animal Party CD, a music / effects CD, a script, a set of all songs with chorded lyrics
Special Play Pack - Condensed Script
Performance Royalty

If you plan to charge admission for the show in a space larger than a school classroom, this is the fee for each performance. This fee is waived if the money collected is donated to an environmental organization or other charity. The fee is also waived if Triple E conducts a workshop, class or performance for your organization or if Zowie Entertainment is providing video documentation your show. For more info on this, click on "Musical" in the menu at left.
Animal Party videoAnimal Party Video ( VHS tape )
Episode 1: "Fracas In The Forest". A different story than the CD, but it includes Triple E, Zebra, Reroar and Poolie in this live-action comedic drama, with music of course! Cindy Sparrow is in trouble since the evil logger dude threatens to chop down her forest. Can they save her in time? Will they get help from the Schnazz? How about the Police?
Tune in to the adventure! 30 minutes, including trailer, entertaining for all ages!


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