Here's some of what I saw on my trip to Africa:

Cheetahs in the shade
Lions still roam free in Africa Such a thrill to find these cheetahs chiilin' out

I almost walked right under this giraffe! A baby elephant out for a stroll with his family in Kenya
The Cape of Good Hope on the bottom tip of Africa... I can almost see Antarctica! A friendly Zebra came trotting up to me in South Africa

Quiet and graceful runners considering their size!
Recording the Animal Party CD

John Funhauser = Groovy Jazzmaster
Bubba and Poolie getting into character

Hugh Manatee (a.k.a. Kevin Marr) chillin'
Donald Kyle rocks the house!

Ines Thieme (Thembisa) singing "Rainbow Tree"
Jon Rosenshine ( Reroar ), Dawn Siefert (Poolie), Josh Freschette (Bigfoot) and Juliana Belcastro (Zebra)

Dave Bower bring Bubbablue to life The 3rd grade class sings on "In The Jungle"
The 7 & 8th grade choir directed by Barbara Lindow sings "Try"

Making the Animal Party Video

Courtney Bess (Bluebird) and Dave Bower (Lumberjack) Lucas Lasagna (Reroar dog) and Lorraine Pope (Poolie cat)

Kevin was also the camera man ! Dave and Kevin Marr ( The Schnazz ) awaiting their scene

Amy Guth ( Zebra ) gets the party going Video making is a family affair for the Kyles


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