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Movie & CD-making, Mysteries, Games, Sing-alongs, DJ, Karaoke and all kinds of unique party entertainment for all ages is available at, A company run by Animal Party creator Eric Everett. Below are a few descriptions of fun you can have, or combine them together! Eric performs shows and parties all over the New York City Tri-state region and maybe he can travel to wherever you are!

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ANIMAL PARTY - A Kids' Party AdventureAnimal Parties

Triple E can bring this Earth-Rockin' Adventure story to your party! He’ll play guitar to lead some singing and dancing to make the party hop and bring out the animal sounds in anyone! Through the power of your own imagination you become any animal you want to be as the story takes you around the world on the back of a whale! You’ll stop off in different countries to swing in the Amazon jungle, dance on some icebergs, gallop across Africa and ride Bigfoot's snowboard! You can even include animal facepainting and balloon animals for more fun. All brought to you by a singer/songwriter who just wants to change the world, one party at a time. There's even a few songs everybody knows!


Calling all actors and actresses to the party ! With a theater teacher / director as your helpful guide, all guests are invited to take part in the making of YOUR OWN MOVIE! No experience necessary, just a desire for fun! You can make it up as you go through the fun of improvisation or create your own characters and story and the director will help you act it out for the camera. It can then be edited with music and special effects at Zowie Studios and sent to you later as a DVD or VHS tape. You can also change it from a movie to a CD recording to harness the power of imagination like the old radio shows! Capture the fun of your party in dramatic fashion for years of enjoyment.
Movie making parties


Sing along with the karaoke music and have it recorded to a CD so you can be the star! We’ll take the recording from the party and mix it at Zowie Studios to send you the polished CD to impress all your friends. Or maybe they’re all singing on the recording with you!
You can also create a dramatic CD story with all kinds of special effects and music added in just like the shows from the days of old time radio.


What could be more creepy and exciting than watching a murder mystery? Being PART of one! Not for real of course, nobody gets hurt, just a little scared maybe.... The fun of Mr. E's Mysteries is that you get to solve them as the clues are discovered. The guests at your party will become the characters in the mystery story that is revealed. If they solve it before the bell tolls midnight, they receive their reward, if not the culprit will get away! Every mystery is custom-written for your party and can be as spooky as you like. They are catered to specific themes and age groups. There are also mysteries for kids that can be oriented around non-violent themes.
Mystery Parties
Mr. E's Mystery Parties work like this: 1) The party host informs Mr. E how many guests will be participating in the game and any special information about them to include for fun. 2) A mystery involving all of them is created from the wild imagination of Mr. E. 3) The game begins at the party (or previously if character cards are to be sent with party invitations). Mr. E informs the party guests of the details of the recent crime. 4) Throughout the party, guests (characters) are given clues and the challenge is for them to figure out which one of them is the EVIL-DOER and turn them in to the detectives before they escape! The rules change depending on the age group, which can range from 7 to adult.


Not your everyday DJ, E can mix CD music into any of the other types of Zowie Parties. Some fun games, some live music from EE or an Animal Party show, and spin your favorite tunes in between! Providing background music for formal gatherings and Rock/Pop/Club dance music for a variety of occasions. Please contact Zowie Music to discuss your particular music desires.

DJ dancers

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