Animal Party began as a school Earth Day project about how humanity affects the world's natural balance, but it became something much more. ( read more on the Bio / Press page ) I've had many wonderful stories from parents about the impact the CD has had in their household: kids putting down weapon games to sit and listen, making up dances, and listening to it every night before bed. In some cases, even showing an improvement in their singing ability! Schools perform the musical as a class or entire grade which has sparked the creation of environment clubs.

Though it was originally intended for ages 7-11, the appeal of the catchy music and characters is entertaining for all ages. There are recurring themes of cooperation, equality, diversity, creativity and fostering the use of your imagination. The story is not violent or graphic but it does cover some difficult topics that face our world today such as deforestation, pollution, poaching and global warming. The purpose is to introduce children to these issues on a very basic level and to enstill the concept of caring for their environment and all creatures locally and globally.

Kids will ask questions. It is my hope that if you don’t know the answer that you might both seek to find out the answers together. This is our best hope for helping our world to be a better place.

This website has many purposes: to entertain, inform and sell all kinds of Animal Party things. All profits from the CD and a portion of those from all items will be donated to organizations for environmental education and to help protect endangered species. There are links to many of these organizations on the Help The Earth page. Though many of them are “kid friendly”, most are oriented to an older audience. I encourage you to visit them with your children to learn more about environmental issues.

Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything. Only together can we work to help each other and our planet. Thanks for reading! - Eric Everett


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