Animal Party is a rockin’ musical about environmental issues facing our world today. It’s adaptable for ages 5 and up and both kids and adults will enjoy singing the songs or acting out the story as one of the characters.
Animal Party Kids Chorus
The story takes us on a journey around the world from Triple E’s farm to swing through the Amazon rainforest, ride the ocean on a blue whale, dance in an Antarctic Powow, stampede across Africa, snowboard with Bigfoot and much more! Listen to some songs right now on the CD LISTEN page.

Here are some ideas for how you can use the available materials for everything from a classroom sing-along to full stage extravaganza!

Songs and Story - Listening to the CD or CASSETTE is a great introduction to get them excited to learn more about animals and their habitats. There are easy to read MUSIC AND LYRIC SHEETS to learn the songs that are broken into parts for various characters, or you can create your own animal groups.
You don’t even have to play any instruments because there’s a KARAOKE-STYLE MUSIC / EFFECTS CD so they can sing over instrumental versions of the songs. It also has background sound effects for the different natural habitats and background music for between the scenes.

Animal Party MakeupThe Play is the Thing! - The script is just like the CD story with parts for 4 main characters and 11 others ( which can be combined easily ) plus any number of animals singing and dancing along in the chorus! There is also a condensed version available for younger ages ( or just a shorter show ) that still has all the fun dance numbers.

Everyone can get involved by making costumes or scenery for different environments or just listen to the sounds and use your imagination! And from the very first day they heard it, kids have been making up their own dances for it!

A Director's script is also available, complete with suggestions for how to stage the scenes and ideas for making scenery and simple costume ideas. Animal masks are also available in the ANIMAL PARTY STORE

TRIPLE E in YOUR PLAY or TEACHER for a day! - Bring in the author/rocker himself, Eric E. Everett ( Triple E ) to perform Animal Party with your show ! You can have EEE act as himself in your play, coming in for the dress rehearsal and performance(s) or have a student play the part and EEE can perform the music with everyone. Or have him perform the whole show for you!
In addition, EEE can also provide special classes in songwriting, scriptwriting, acting, environmental issues and other topics.Triple E Grows Music
Take advantage of Triple E's 26 years of experience working in school theatre as well as 20 as a performing singer/songwriter and 15 as a teacher! A further description of performance rates and classes is available upon request.

VIDEO! - Capturing the fun video means reliving it many times over! A professional videographer ( it may even be EEE ! ) can be there for the performance and take care of the daunting task of making copies for all who want one.
with further details or if you have questions about anything at all, please click the contact button in the menu to send an e-mail. Or, to order your materials and get started today, click on the ANIMAL PARTY STORE.

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