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The Animal Party CD began as just a few songs recorded for an Earth Day project at a school where Eric Everett used to teach theatre ( and recess games ). Then his imagination took it a little further! He involved over 200 students, teachers and other zany friends as musicians and animal characters on the recording.

Here are some excerpts from the songs and story.

The first clip is the entire mp3 of the song Animal Party you can download for free.

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Download Animal Party song (4.21MB)

Download Flipper Flap-Clip (2.13MB)

Download In The Jungle-Clip (2.03MB)

Download Language-Clip (1.16MB)

Download Try-Clip (2.08MB)

To hear more and purchase the entire story, visit I-TUNES or CDBABY.COM or AMAZON.COM

Animal Party Lion What’s the CD story about?

It’s about rockin’ fun music inside a great big adventure story! Triple E wants to have a party to celebrate harvest time on the farm...but wait, all the invitations came back. Has everyone moved? EEE sets out with comedic comrades Poolie the Cat, Zeb the Zebra, Reroar the Dog on a world journey to seek out their animal buddies. They encounter many different animals in their diverse environments along the way. They learn of the many problems that humans are creating for the planet and how it affects the animals.

On their trip they sing & dance, swing through Amazon jungle trees, ride on the back of a blue whale named Bubba, slide down some icebergs in an Antarctic Powow, gallop across the Serenghetti and ride Bigfoot’s snowboard! But will they make it home through the ocean storm or get lost in the forest? Will the Spirit Bear save them? Listen in and find out and you’ll also learn about sharing the world with animals in their natural environments and how much they need our help to survive.


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